Tents Aren’t Us

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J. R. Eyerman / Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

U.S. Army tents, circa World War II.

If there is one thing you’d figure the U.S. Army didn’t lack, it would be tents. But you’d be wrong.

The folks at Fort Carson are seeking “high-quality tents and accessories needed to make them operational” for “military-training exercises” slated for Monday to Friday of next week at the Colorado post:

The contractor shall deliver, install, maintain, and tear down tents Qty (2) Approx 70 x 100, est occupancy 200 people to include sidewalls.  No flooring is required.  Fort Carson experiences strong gusty winds between 40 to 75 MPH, therefore grounded stable structured tents using Frames are preferred.  Tents shall be fully operational at setup completion.  The contractor shall be responsible for furnishing all materials, labor and equipment necessary to deliver, install, maintain, tear down, and remove the tents.  The contractor shall be responsible for cleaning all equipment at the end of the performance period.

Battleland can recall when those specifications were the very definition of a military-training exercise.