A Terrorist by Any Other Name

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Normally I would have let this go. But, wow, sometimes the level of stupidity demands a comment.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh took President Obama to task for sending troops to central Africa in an effort to take out Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army. This in itself isn’t newsworthy. Limbaugh would take the President to task for anything short of resigning. But Limbaugh apparently supports the LRA. He believes the LRA should be protected because they are Christians and they are fighting Muslims in Sudan. This is stupidity on a monumental scale.

This article by Graeme Wood tells the tale as well as any I’ve seen. The LRA have probably killed 12,000 people. Their 20+ year reign of terror has affected nearly 2 million. They commit atrocities like cutting off children’s noses and lips, cutting off the feet of people they catch riding bikes, forcing children to rape and then kill their parents, mass rape, mass forced conscription of children, burning villages, murder, mass murder. And yet, because they have the added the Lord’s name to theirs, Limbaugh thinks going after them is a bad thing.

Are these your kind of people, Rush? Seriously? Dude, these are terrorists, not Christians. Do your homework.

If there is a lesson here for the rest of us, perhaps it is in choosing names. Apparently putting a reference to the Lord in your terrorist group’s name earns you a pass with right-wing talk radio’s leading light. Limbaugh claims he’s going to conduct his due diligence. We’ll see.

(See also Romeo and Juliet Act II, Scene ii “A rose by any other name…”)