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Kimchi Kamikazes

There are reports circulating that the North Koreans have bought some 1970s-era U.S.-designed MQM-107D target drones and is tarting them up into cruise missiles. According to unnamed sources (i.e., South Korean

Battleland Battleland

Cracking Down on Rx Abuse

It was nearly four years ago that Battleland tapped out a cover story for the magazine on the wave of prescription drugs that was helping some troops make it through their deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, or cope with their aftermath after coming home.

The Pentagon has just announced it is expanding its drug screening program …

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Telephony Irony Alert!

The Air Force is looking to hire someone to set up and run cellular phone service for some 500 phones at the Manas transit center in the Kyrgyz Republican in central Asia, a key U.S. logistics hub for the war in Afghanistan. Security concerns rank pretty highly in that part of the world, but this one takes the cake:

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The PTSD Hand Grenade

PTSD is another kind of explosive often brought to you by the U.S. military, especially after a decade of war by the same troops over and over again. No, the Army didn’t break due to those rigors like many thought it would, but some individual troops were not so lucky. Diagnosing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder isn’t as easy as …

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“Truth, Lies and Afghanistan”

That’s the title of a column by an active-duty Army officer published on-line Sunday by the independent Armed Forces Journal.

Army Lieut. Colonel Daniel L. Davis writes about what he says he witnessed traveling 9,000 miles around Afghanistan over the past year:

What I saw bore no resemblance to rosy official statements by U.S.

Battleland Battleland

The Army’s $86,000 Machine Gun

So there was this Army contract award (click on it to enlarge) last week:

Seems pretty simple: 900 240 machine guns for $77.4 million. Math was never Battleland’s strong suit, but a quick trip to the calculator says that indicates each gun costs $86,000. Must be those gold-plated barrels (actually, there’s no gold in those …

Battleland Battleland

Newt Sure Moves Fast!

Alas, this weekend headline from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper had nothing to do with GOP presidential candidate New Gingrich’s pledge to establish a U.S. colony on the moon by 2020. Instead, in an increasingly familiar refrain, it’s a story about local lawmakers fighting an Air Force plan to close the 911th (gotta love that

Battleland Battleland

Super Bowl Fixins’ Afghanistan-Bound

It was Napoleon who said an army travels on its stomach, and Battleland doesn’t think the French were playing football back in those days. But the folks at the Defense Logistics Agency’s Troop Support shop know that there’s no better way to spend Super Bowl Sunday – even if it’s going to be Monday at kickoff time in Afghanistan …

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