Kimchi Kamikazes

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An MQM-107D drone (orange) is tailed by an F-16 jet fighter (grey)

There are reports circulating that the North Koreans have bought some 1970s-era U.S.-designed MQM-107D target drones and is tarting them up into cruise missiles. According to unnamed sources (i.e., South Korean intelligence):

…the North is developing unmanned attack aircraft “using high-speed U.S. target drones imported from a Middle Eastern country.” This is presumed to be Syria…The jet-powered Streakers can fly at up to 925 km/h with a fuselage 5.5 m long and a wingspan of 3 m. They are used by Egypt, Iran and Jordan, as well as Sweden, Turkey, Australia, and Taiwan…. “our military could suffer damage if development succeeds and the North launches kamikaze-style attacks.”

…the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reports.

These drones, which first flew nearly 40 years ago, usually pull targets designed to be shot at by the Army’s Patriot missiles, the Air Force’s AMRAAM missiles, and other weapons.

Two things strike Battleland about this news:

1. Once again, bad guys are apparently trying to harness our (ancient) technology against us, or our allies. That remains the key lesson of 9/11.

2. Do we really think Pyongyang can develop, deploy and deliver a nuclear weapon? Across the Pacific Ocean? With any degree of accuracy?