Foiling the Recoil

Troops train with a Carl Gustav Recoilless rifle system in Washer district of Helmand province, March 23.

Battleland Battleland

Wishful Spending

There is a growing sense among defense-budget watchers that the U.S. military and its political masters are pretending the shave the armed forces just got from sequestration’s blade isn’t going to lead to decapitation in what …

The reason for my recent journey was my own doing. So please allow me to begin my remarks this evening by reiterating how deeply I regret -- and apologize for -- the circumstances that led to my resignation from the CIA and caused such pain for my family, friends and supporters.
— Former Army general and CIA chief David Petraeus Tuesday night at a California ROTC dinner. They were his first public remarks since November's revelation that he had an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, that led him to resign from the U.S. government.
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Cal Whipple, 1918-2013

A.B.C. “Cal” Whipple was Time-Life’s Battleland a decade before Battleland was born, and 70 years before this Battleland blog was created.

He did what needed to be done to bring home the horrors of war to the American …

Battleland Battleland

Drones ≠ Cheap

It was just over a year ago that Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said the Pentagon was scrapping one version of the RQ-4 Global Hawk spy drone after the Defense Department discovered it was cheaper to fly such missions …

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