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Pentagon Pen Pal…

Just received an interesting email from a Pentagon greybeard, who until recently had spent three decades toiling directly for a string of defense secretaries (which is why he needs to remain nameless).

The dead-on-arrival …


— The share of recruited athletes in the Naval Academy Prep School’s class of 2011, a one-year school in Newport, R.I. Like the other military services' prep schools – created to improve the scholarship of the nation’s future military officers -- it now serves, basically, as a farm team for the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., according to a column Tuesday by Joe Nocera in the New York Times.
Battleland Battleland

Rin Tin Tinpot Dictator

Those of a certain age will recall the 1970s’ pop band Three Dog Night, named for very cold nights in the Australian outback when aborigines would sleep with three dingoes to keep warm.

Welcome to the Two Dog South Korean

Today I am directing the Office of General Counsel to prepare legislation for Congress to amend Article 60 [by] eliminating the discretion for a convening authority to change the findings of a court-martial, except for certain minor offenses that would not ordinarily warrant trial by court-martial.
— Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday, in a statement saying he will push to end senior officers’ ability to overrule court-martial decisions. He launched a review into such powers after an Air Force general last month overturned a court-martial ruling that an Air Force lieutenant colonel (and fellow pilot) had not sexually assaulted a woman in his house at Italy’s Aviano air base last year, after a court martial found him guilty as charged and sent him to the brig for a year.
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