Top Colleges Admitting Fewer Kids

Gaining entry into an Ivy League school is getting tougher every year. The prestigious group of eight colleges and universities recently made their admissions decisions, and all but one decreased their already low acceptance …

$134 Million

— The amount the Navy plans on spending on re-enlistment bonuses this year to keep sailors with needed skills. That's up from $95 million in 2012. "We are hiring," Admiral Jonathan Greenert, the chief of naval operations, tells the independent Navy Times newspaper.

The Mystery Behind a Deadly Chemical Attack

Reports on bombings in Syria these days have become routine. But when Mohammad Sabbagh, an industrialist from Aleppo, heard about the attack near his hometown on March 19, the details stopped him cold.

Survivors and witnesses …

Boom Town

Marine Staff Sgt. Ysa Rubio prepares to destroy old or unneeded ammo in Helmand province, March 17.

Battleland Battleland

North Korea’s Nuclear Cul-De-Sac

The mutual bluster and braggadocio persisted over the weekend on the Korean Peninsula, as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continued to drive his state down an atomic dead end. He brayed anew at the state of war between his …


— The amount of a contract announced by the Navy Friday to Huntington Ingalls Inc., of Newport News, Va., to refuel and overhaul the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. The bad news is that it costs so much to refuel a nuclear-powered flattop. The good news is that you only have to do it once every 25 years.
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