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Gomer Pyle 2.0

The Marines have decided to boot Sergeant Gary Stein from the corps with an other-than-honorable discharge for declaring on Facebook that he would refuse to obey unlawful orders issued by President Obama.

It’s surprising it took this long. When the nation’s troops get to decide when, or when not, to obey their …

Betting on the Come

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared Wednesday that “our strategy is right, our strategy is working, and if we stick to it, we can achieve the mission of establishing an Afghanistan that can secure and govern itself, and …

Emphasis On The Con

So the White House recently tweaks an Executive Order. Fourteen lawmakers respond by proposing a sense of the Congress resolution that warns President Obama he is not authorized

to confiscate personal or private property, to force conscription into the Armed Forces on the American people, to force civilians to engage in labor …

The Rashomon Effect (Pentagon Cut)

Several ways to look at Tuesday’s announcement from Pentagon press secretary George Little:

1. It’s a push for Jewish votes in November’s presidential election.

2. It’s a carrot designed to convince Israel to keep its powder dry, and not attack Iran’s nuclear sites until after said election.

3. It’s a shield designed …

War Talk Is Cheap

Two of the most virulently anti-U.S. regimes in the world – Iran and Syria – are painting bulls-eyes on their backs by their deeds. But the Obama Administration is seeking non-military solutions in both cases. It’s driving …

Nuclear New Math

Reports that the Pentagon is weighing a range of cuts to the nation’s nuclear arsenal – perhaps going as low as 300 deployed strategic weapons, down from the current 1,550 – has nuclear-triggered concern on Capitol Hill. “I have to suggest to you,” Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., told Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on …

New Nuclear Math: It’s About Time

The Obama Administration is considering slashing the nation’s nuclear arsenal to as few as 300 deployed strategic nuclear weapons, Robert Burns of the AP reports. That’s an 80% cut from the 1,550 currently permitted under Washington’s treaty with the Russians.

Certain circles will scream it’s unilateral disarmament. But it seems …

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