President Obama

Fight to Be Next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gets Nasty

As the unflappable Adm. Mike Mullen prepares to sail into the sunset of retirement from his current post as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, squalls have kicked up about who will succeed him. Early-front runner, Marine General James “Hoss” Cartwright, has been bucked off the list. Reported to be President Obama’s favorite …

The Missing Piece in Obama’s Middle East Speech

Colleague Massimo Calabresi has a marginally sunnier view of the President’s imminent Middle East speech this morning than Tony Karon did last night:

In his much-hyped speech on the Middle East scheduled for Thursday, President Barack Obama will argue that the region’s anti-autocratic uprisings and the death of Osama bin Laden have

A Politically-Driven Presidential Middle East Speech on Thursday?

Time‘s Tony Karon weighs in on our Global Spin blog on what to listen for in President Obama’s Middle East speech Thursday:

Why would he address the Arab world at a moment when his policies have little hope of reversing diminished U.S. standing? After all, the Arab consensus views Obama has having failed miserably to deliver on the

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