The Aftermath of the Boston Marathon Explosions

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With at least three killed and 140 injured, locals in Boston are struggling to come to terms with the devastation following Monday’s explosions. People left flowers at the Dorchester area home of eight-year-old Martin Richards, who was the first named fatality. The entrance to Boylston Street, the site of the explosions, remained barricaded as authorities continue to hunt for the bomber.

More Photos from the Explosions in Boston:

Marathon Carnage: Explosions in Boston

Tragedy in Boston: One Photographer’s Eyewitness Account

More Photography from Time


The BBB just announced that not only were they giving the terrorist group "HAMAS", and A+rating but they were also giving the Boston Bombers an A+rating... The BBB said that with is extensive grading system and due to the fact that they 3people that got killed didnt get a chance to complain they have no choice but to give them an A+rating!!!!i tried to post this on yahoo and it was denied.. yahoo is a memember of the bbb where as google is not!!!


I hope the FBI will use that stitching technology with all the pictures that are sent in to create a 3D view of the scenes.   If you've never seen what can be done, you should checkout the site   I imagine such technology might help


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