SEAL, Lost At Sea

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Navy photo / PH2 (AW/SW) Andrew Meyers

The SEAL who perished was training in a rigid hull inflatable boat like this.

For every SEAL who achieves a degree of fame, or infamy, for blabbing about what it was like to kill Osama bin Laden, there are hundreds who keep their mouths shut and train hard for missions. Unfortunately, sometimes that leads SEALs to their deaths, like this one confirmed over the weekend off the Hawaiian coast:

Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps crews worked with Honolulu Fire Department and Ocean Safety to search an area over 24,000 square miles using aircraft, cutters, small boats and shore personnel, the Coast Guard said.

“In this case, I have the heartbreak of informing not only the family, but a close-knit military community, that a loved one could not be found,” said Coast Guard Capt. Joanna Nunan said…

The SEAL wasn’t named in the piece, which appeared in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Monday. But 139,000 readers — and counting — thought enough of his sacrifice to click “like” after reading it.