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Fulghum Finally Finishes

Point of personal privilege. It has come to Battleland’s attention that David Fulghum, who has been churning out finely-machined pieces on defense aerospace at Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine for nearly a quarter-century, is hanging up his G-suit next week. Fulghum is heading back to the west Texas town of San Angelo, where …

Battleland Battleland

Depressing Pie Chart #1

People are forever complaining about the so-called “revolving door,” which has government officials leaving public employment to work for companies they dealt with while in government.

There may not be those kinds of …

Battleland Battleland

Never Mind…

Battleland noted with interest earlier this week last Friday’s $412 million contract announcement to the drone drivers over at Battlespace. It caught our eye, given that Battlespace had been awarded a $950 million contract for …

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Depressing Pie Chart #2

Battleland appreciates the simplicity of pie charts. Probably comes from always getting the smallest slice of pizza as a kid.

Here’s a nifty new one from the Pentagon inspector general’s semi-annual report. It details …

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