Combat, Up Close

Two things are striking about this just-posted three-and-a-half minute video of a firefight in Afghanistan’s Kunar province last April:

— Just how unseen the enemy is.

— Just how unconnected Private 1st Class Red Daniels of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division is.

Clad in body armor, he’s hit four times and falls to the …

Playing to a Draw, at Best?

Don’t expect to hear about it in the presidential campaign debates, but the U.S. will leave Afghanistan locked in an escalating civil war when it observes the 2014 deadline for withdrawing combat troops set by the Obama …

“My Husband is a True American Hero”

My husband, Staff Sergeant Jeremy Breece, is a True American Hero.

In 2008, my husband and I thought it would be best that I separate from the Air Force because of two reasons. One being I was pregnant and two, my husband had …

Bastion: Bulwark or Bullseye?

Last weekend, a band of 15 Taliban fighters attacked Camp Bastion in Afghanistan’s Helmand province and killed two Marines while inflicting the most damage on U.S. warplanes since the Vietnam war’s Tet offensive 44 years …

Playing Checkers in Kabul

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Afghanistan is like a giant checkerboard, and U.S. and NATO troops are the checkers, limited to the black squares.

After more than a decade of war combined with a hearts-and-minds …

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