President Obama

Viewpoint: Why Obama’s Second Term Isn’t Doomed

Conventional wisdom holds that second presidential terms tend to be somehow fatally cursed—Eisenhower and the U-2; Nixon and Watergate; Reagan and Iran-contra; Clinton and impeachment; George W. Bush and Iraq and the financial …


See where GOP candidate Mitt Romney has just released a roster of more than 300 retired generals and admirals who are endorsing him for President. They range from former Army general Tommy Franks, who commanded the invasions of …

Pitchfork in the Road

Travis Sharp over at the Center for a New American Security has put the various presidential defense-spending options into his calculating Cuisinart and pushed the Purée button.

It yields the chart above, which he has

Debating Military Matters

Wednesday night’s presidential debate focused on domestic matters, so no surprise that national-security mentions were scant.

As such, there was no talk of wars fought, being fought, and yet-to-be-fought, nor of the troops …

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