Nuclear Weapons

NoKo Non-Nuclear Blast: A Secret Plea for Help?

North Korea has reacted sharply to criticism over the weekend from the working G8 lunch at Camp David. “All of us agree that North Korea is violating its international obligations and that there is a path for them to rejoin the international community,” President Obama said. “But that objective will not be achieved if they continue …

Dud Doesn’t Dent Danger

That’s the word from Austin Ramzy in Beijing on Time’s Global Spin blog:

…the ballistic bust does not mean that North Korean threat has lessened significantly. The isolated authoritarian state still possesses significant conventional artillery with which it could attack Seoul, just 55 km south of the demilitarized zone that


After weeks of hype and warnings that the North Korean launch could send rocket debris raining down on U.S. allies including Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, Pyongyang’s Unha-3 rocket failed shortly after takeoff and …

The War With Iran Will Have to Wait!

Once again, there’s something – no one will say just what – that the Air Force’s $15 million Massive Ordnance Penetrator can’t do, or can’t do well enough. That’s the 15-ton, Boeing-built bomb the U.S. now has on hand to use against deeply-buried bunkers in places like Iran.

On Thursday, the Air Force awarded this …

Iran Plans to Launch “Monkey” Into Space Soon

Talk about back to the future. Tracing the rocket plumes that the U.S., Soviet Union and France blazed a half-century ago, Iran has announced plans to send a monkey into space before September.

“Kavoshgar-5 will carry a biological capsule containing a monkey into space,” Hamid Fazeli, the chief of the of Iranian Space Agency, …

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