National Guard

Seeds of Peace

Army Colonel Brian Copes and the Indiana Army National Guard headed off to war with a pitchfork, not a rifle. As commander of the 1-19th Agribusiness Development Team in Afghanistan in 2009, Copes’ team deployed to Khost …

Iraqi IEDs: Payback Time

This doesn’t happen very often:

1. An Iraqi made IEDs during the most violent years of the conflict.

2. One of his bombs may have killed four members of the Pennsylvania National Guard in 2005.

3. The bomb-builder, …

Second U.S. Troop Killed in Afghan Interior Ministry ID’d

Army National Guard Major Robert J. Marchanti II, 48, was a former elementary-school gym teacher just outside Baltimore. He and Air Force Lt. Col. John Darin Loftis were working inside a small room at the National Police Coordination Center in the Afghan interior ministry Saturday afternoon when a ministry driver entered and killed …

Why Spend $139K For a Soldier You Can Get for $44K?

How much of our military do we need perpetually trained to the highest readiness level, and how much can we safely consign to the reserve forces? It’s a debate that is going to start heating up anew later this week, when the Pentagon reveals a little of what it is planning to spend money on beginning in 2013 (everything will end up …

Super Committee Failure Hits Military Hard

Politicians can shrug off the congressional Super Committee’s failure to agree on meaningful deficit reduction. To them, it’s just another budget gimmick that didn’t pan out. But for the U.S. military, the Super Committee …

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