Military Justice

Haditha’s Denouement

The Marines’ 2005 “massacre” of 24 civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha began with a bang but ended with a whimper Monday. Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich pled guilty to a single count of negligent dereliction of duty in …

The Few. The Proud. The Morons.

[vodpod id=Video.15946643&w=425&h=350&fv=%26amp%3B]

Senator John McCain said the viral video clip of U.S. Marines in Afghanistan apparently urinating on three corpses identified as Taliban enemy dead “makes me so sad” on CBS Thursday morning.

There’s not a lot else that needs to be said.

Happy 10th Birthday, Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay remains the persistent headache that pretty much all Americans would like to go away. Wednesday marks its 10th birthday as home to alleged terrorists scooped up by the U.S. following the 9/11 terror …

Air Force: Firing For Effect?

Major Kale Mosley was getting ready to board his KC-135 refueling tanker for Iraq last June when a commander pulled him aside. He was being fired as of Nov. 30, contrary to a long-standing Pentagon policy that lets officers stay …

Sexual-Harassment Reports at Military Academies Jump 59%

What better time than the dead week between Christmas and New Year’s to whisper to the world that reported allegations of sexual assault and harassment at the nation’s military academies soared from 41 during the 2010 academic year to 65 in the school year that ended in May?

The increase has triggered a policy change …

About Those Status-of-Forces Agreements

The U.S. military says it had no choice but to pull out of Iraq by year’s end because Baghdad would not give U.S. troops immunity from local prosecution. U.S. troops overseas almost always are covered by a so-called Status-of-Forces Agreement, which bars local prosecution in favor of giving jurisdiction to the U.S. military and its …

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