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Korresponts Koreedoor

We reported last month about the Defense Department taking down the sign honoring a Pentagon hallway as the “Correspondents Corridor” and replacing it with one highlighting “ASD Public Affairs.” ASD is Pentagon-speak for …

Drones Flying In Really Close Formation

It has always been amazing to hang out at the rear of an Air Force refueling tanker as the boom extends to provide fuel to thirsty jet fighters below. Flying at hundreds of knots in close formation is a delicate, and dangerous, …

The Man Who Believed Himself

TOKYO – Wars can attract some odd, fringe characters, but I never met anyone stranger or more out on the fringe than Jonathan Keith Idema, who died recently in Mexico of complications from AIDS.

A career con artist and military wannabe, Idema showed up early during the war in Afghanistan. He posed variously as a government …

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