Disappearing Into Thin Air

Thursday’s budget details contained several sky-high decisions worth noting:

— New unmanned aircraft aren’t necessarily cheaper and/or better than old – and Battleland means very old – manned aircraft. (Interesting how the military seems to be able to go back to the future with reconnaissance aircraft, but not fighters or …

It Flies — And Dies!

The balloon’s gone up in the war of leaks over planned Pentagon budget cuts. Here’s a pair of items that seem to reach differing conclusions about one of the Air Force’s key spy drone programs.

Chart Attack

The number of drones is skyrocketing in the U.S. military, yet they account for less than a dime of every dollar spent on military aircraft, according to these two charts in a new Congressional Research Service report. Kind of makes a taxpayer wonder if the $380 billion the nation is investing in the fledgling manned F-35 fighter …

Grim News: Reaper Down

A week after the U.S. lost a drone over the Afghan-Iran frontier, the Air Force announced Tuesday morning that one of its MQ-9 Reaper drones crashed at the Seychelles International Airport earlier in the day. “The MQ-9 was not …

Iran’s Got Our Drone: Distraction or Disaster?


Let’s say you’re outside walking around when you’re hit in the head by an iPhone that falls from the sky. Just how lucky are you? Pretty darn lucky, especially if you were trying to bring it down. But now that you’ve got it, how much can you learn from it? …

About That AWOL Drone…

At least some Pentagon officials believe the Iranians have snared the RQ-170 Sentinel drone that evaporated into thin air a week ago. It apparently disappeared over eastern Iran while sniffing around Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, …

The Human Drone


Who needs unmanned aerial vehicles when you’ve got Yves Rossy at the helm of a manned aerial vehicle in a Swiss air show?

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