Critic, Booster, Porkers

The days of legitimate debate over the value of missiles defense seem to have faded into history.

The issue has become one of theology. Those involved are either true believers, or heretics. It’s like listening to a church …

Gillibrand Gaining?

The battle to remove the military’s chain of command from investigating sexual assaults has intensified as a pair of Tea Party senators has allied with 33 of their more liberal colleagues in the effort.

Sens. Ted Cruz, …

We now have a brand new state-of-the-art building that cost the taxpayers $34 million to build. The worst part is that all indications are we're going to tear it down. We can't even give it away to the Afghanistan government for free because they don't want a building that they will have to spend a million to re-wire because it was built to U.S. electrical code.
— Senator Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., speaking Tuesday on the never-needed U.S. military headquarters building in Helmand province disclosed last week, here.
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