Up-armored Jock Straps

We reported a month ago on the epidemic of wounds to soldiers’ private parts in Afghanistan when IEDs detonate beneath them. To help deal with the problem, the Army is now sending titanium athletic cups out with the troops, according to USA Today.

Four Strikes

Cory Provus, a Milwaukee Brewers baseball team broadcaster (since when did that become a position on the diamond?) recently visited troops recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C.:

We met one young soldier from Staten Island, NY, that [hey — he’s a broadcaster] lost all 4 limbs while in Afghanistan. But there he was

Army Mental Health: Better Screening Yields Better Results

Just how closely should the nation be screening its troops for mental fitness before they’re shipped off to war? We are seeing, again and again, that bad things — depression, divorce, suicide, murder — can happen in combat’s wake. If there is a way to weed out — that may not be the right word — the folks who might be driven to such …

Troops: Still Not Enough Time at Home

When Gen. George Casey stepped down as the Army’s top officer last week, he said his four years as chief of staff had been dedicated to rebalancing a force warped by 10 years of war. “We anticipate getting to a point by the end of this year where we will begin executing a more balanced and sustainable deployment tempo with a transformed, …

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