Massimo Calabresi

Massimo Calabresi joined the Washington bureau of TIME in 1999 and has covered the CIA, State, Justice, Treasury, Congress and the White House. He covered the wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo as TIME's Central Europe bureau chief from 1995 to 1999 and the collapse of the Soviet Union as a freelancer in Moscow in 1991.

Articles from Contributor

Paul Ryan’s Rough Return

Paul Ryan’s in a bind. Even as he’s being touted as the great white hope for the GOP in 2016, he’s voluntarily strapped himself to the party’s fast-sinking position on the fiscal cliff as a member of House Speaker John …

Battleland Battleland

Brits Bolster Benghazi Rebels–Slowly

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague announced today that the UK will double down on the rag-tag Libyan rebel leadership in Benghazi, expanding the team of British military officers there and contributing telecommunications equipment and protective body armor to the rebel effort to topple Muammar Gaddafi.

But the effort is still …

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