Man Who Allegedly Killed Parents With Hammer Could Get Life in Prison

Hosted a rager with his parents' bodies in the house

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A Florida man accused of bludgeoning his parents to death when he was 17, then hosting a party with their bodies in the house, pleaded no contest Wednesday to two counts of first-degree murder.

Tyler Hadley allegedly beat his parents to death with a hammer in their Port St. Lucie Home on in July of 2011. Prosecutors said Hadley had been using drugs and was angry with his parents for forcing him to go into a treatment program. After the murder, Hadley allegedly hid the bodies and hosted a rager at his home. He had previously pleaded not guilty, but changed his plea Wednesday to no contest, CNN reports. He now faces the prospect of two consecutive life sentences without parole.

According to his friends, Hadley openly admitted he wanted to kill his parents, but most of his friends thought he was just kidding. After the murders, Hadley hosted a party for over 100 Port St. Lucie teens who had no idea his parents’ bodies were in the home. Various guests noticed a sticky brown substance throughout the house. Authorities say Hadley admitted to a friend what he had done during the party, and the friend immediately called the police.