Drug Dealers Shipped Meth in Mannequin Heads

Police intercepted a package sent through FedEx

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A Hawaii man pleaded guilty Monday to federal drug charges after authorities intercepted three mannequin heads full of methamphetamine that he had received in the mail from California.

Anthony Buzio Sanchez pleaded guilty to attempted drug possession with intent to distribute after police identified him and two other men as the recipients of the package, the Associated Press reports. In early May, California police intercepted the package being mailed from San Bernandino to Honolulu and found three meth-stuffed mannequin heads inside, along with other things like shirts and towels. A federal agent posing as a FedEx worker delivered the package to the Honolulu address, and then agents followed the man who signed for it. He then delivered the package to Sanchez and another man at a different address, and then all three were arrested. The two other men have pleaded not guilty to meth distribution.

Sanchez, who told the court he was born in Mexico and living in the United States illegally, said he was planning to sell the drugs to pay for his father’s cancer treatment. He faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison when he’s sentenced in June.