Florida Man Who Killed Teen Over Loud Music Dispute Due in Court

Michael Dunn will use Stand Your Ground defense, claiming he saw gun in teen's car

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The trial for the Florida man accused of shooting and killing an unarmed black teen in an argument over loud music will start Monday, and his attorneys say he plans to use the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law as a defense.

The high-profile case is being compared to the trial of George Zimmerman for shooting Trayvon Martin, both because of the invocation of the “Stand Your Ground” defense, and because that trial’s state attorney, Angela Corey, will also prosecute this case, CNN reports.

In November 2012, Michael Dunn pulled into a convenience store parking lot next to a car full of teenagers playing music on the radio. When his girlfriend went into the store, Dunn says he asked the teens to turn the music down. When they began to argue, Dunn says he saw a gun in the car, so he grabbed his handgun and fired eight or nine shots into the car, killing 17-year old Jordan Davis. No weapons were found in the teens’ car. Dunn has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges along with three counts of attempted murder.

Dunn’s attorney said that her client was reacting to what he perceived as an immediate threat.