Convicted Murderer Escapes Michigan Jail

Killer fled to Indiana in stolen car, say police

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A convicted murderer is still at large after escaping from a maximum security Michigan prison Sunday night and abducting an elderly woman, authorities say.

Michael David Elliot, who was convicted of four murders in 1993, escaped from the Ionia Correctional Facility around 7pm Sunday night, CNN reports. He then allegedly used a knife or box cutter to carjack the woman’s red Jeep and drive to Echkart, Ind., where they stopped for gas. The woman escaped at the gas station and called the police, but Elliot is still at large.

According to a gas station employee, Elliot attempted to buy water and medicine at the gas station, and then paid for $10 worth of gas almost entirely with change, local news outlet WoodTV reports. The woman locked herself in the gas station bathroom and refused to come out, so Elliot took her vehicle and drove off without her. Police say he has enough fuel to go about 100 miles.

In 1993, Elliot murdered four people in what appeared to be a botched robbery. He is serving a life sentence in prison, but maintains his innocence.

Elliot likely escaped through the “sally port,” the point of entry for new prisoners, say police. But even after he cleared the sally port, he would have had to make it past razor-wire fences and alarm sensors.

He is a white male with dark hair and brown eyes, standing around 5’8″ tall and weighing 165 lbs. He was last seen wearing black pants and a white T-shirt, and is considered armed and dangerous. Police advised locals not to approach him, and call 911 if they spotted him.