What Happens When Atlanta’s Commuters Get Caught in a 24-Hour Traffic Jam?

Some abandon cars, others sleep in stores, and one gives birth to a bouncing baby commuter

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Prince Williams / Getty Images

Traffic slows to a crawl on Interstate 75/85 in Atlanta, GA on January 28, 2014.

A rare snow storm in Atlanta has brought traffic to a halt, stranding commuters in 24-hour traffic jams and transforming everyday commutes into a bizarre quest for sleep, food and emergency services.

Business Insider reports that commuters have abandoned their cars in droves. Pictures uploaded to Twitter show commuters sleeping in the aisles of convenience stores. A few have uploaded pictures eerily reminiscent of scenes from “The Walking Dead.”

One policeman, Tim Sheffield, found a woman in labor alongside the road. “That baby was coming out no matter what,” he told TODAY. Before long, the mother had delivered a brand new commuter into the world’s most epic traffic jam. “It was beautiful,” he said.