Cops Try to ID Headless Body Using Nothing but his Belt

Sheriff: 'Whoever did this does not want us to identify the body'

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Park County Sheriff's Office

Wyoming police are hoping that a unique belt will help them solve the mystery of a decapitated man found on the side of the road earlier this month.

In a news conference Friday, police said that they had little to go off in identifying the male victim—who suffered from gunshot wounds, a severed arm, and a severed head that has yet to be recovered—apart from his clothes and intricate belt.  Police suspect that the victim, found by a duck hunter and his sun, was an agricultural or ranch worker, the Cody Enterprise reports.

The buckle is similar to the “piteado” craftsmanship found in Mexico and Guatemala, although Sheriff Scott Steward noted, “this is not to say that the victim was from those regions.”

Dogs were on the scene over the weekend to retrieve missing body parts, which were removed post-mortem.

“There are several other injuries that I cannot go into,” Steward said. “Given the condition of the body, whoever did this does not want us to identify the body.”