Judge Orders Pregnant, Brain-Dead Woman Removed from Life Support

A Fort Worth, Tex. hospital has been keeping Marlise Munoz on life support despite her family's objections.

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Erick Munoz, husband of Marlise Munoz, is escorted out of court by his attorney Heather L. King, right, Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 in Fort Worth, Texas.

A Texas judge Friday ordered the hospital caring for a pregnant, brain-dead woman to remove her from life support by Monday at 5 p.m CST, the Associated Press reports.

The John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth has been keeping Marlise Munoz alive over the objections of her family, who say she would not have wanted to be kept alive in such a condition. Munoz was 14 weeks pregnant when she was found unconscious Nov. 26 at her home, possibly as a result of a brain clot.

A state attorney representing the public hospital has argued that the hospital has a legal responsibility to protect the unborn fetus.

The hospital said in a statement after the decision that it is still considering whether to appeal.

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