Arizona State University Expels MLK Party Frat

Tau Kappa Epsilon had its chapter permanently revoked Thursday

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Arizona State University permanently ejected the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity from its campus on Thursday, which had been suspended for hosting a racially insensitive party. reports the school contacted the fraternity on Thursday to inform them their ASU chapter was permanently revoked. The school suspended the fraternity on Jan. 20, following reports that students were offended by the party’s theme. Photos from the “black”-themed off-campus party, allegedly dubbed the “MLK Black Party,” showed participants wearing basketball jerseys, backwards hats, and drinking out of watermelon cups. It fell on the weekend of Martin Luther King Day.

ASU President Dr. Michael Crow said, “Students who violate these standards will be subject to disciplinary sanctions in order to promote their own personal development, to protect the university community, and to maintain order and stability on our campuses.”

The fraternity’s national leadership released a statement condemning the party’s theme on Tuesday. “Tau Kappa Epsilon does not condone or support any actions by its members that would be defined as racist, discriminatory, and/or offensive. Social events with “party themes” that are defined as such have no place in our fraternity’s mission or purpose,” it said.

The school is still investigating the fraternity’s involvement in the party, which was reportedly thrown on Jan. 19 in honor of Martin Luther King Day. It is also looking into whether or not students involved violated the school’s code of conduct.