Surfers Flock to Hawaii for Monster Waves

50ft high waves could damage homes and roads

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Ben Margot / AP

Ion Banner loses control on a giant wave during the Mavericks surfing contest in Half Moon Bay, Calif., on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010.

One person’s deadly storm system is another person’s chance to catch some sick heavies.

Surfers the world over are traveling to Hawaii this week to ride some of the biggest waves the islands have seen in a decade, The Weather Channel reports.

Waves up to 50 feet high were reported at beaches on the North Shore Thursday, a result of a low-pressure system stirring up hurricane-force winds north of Hawaii. The dangerous weather system threatens flood homes and roads inland.

“Anyone approaching the shoreline could face significant injury or death,” the National Weather Service warned. “Significant coastal inundation and property damage is possible. Road closures are likely and breaking waves may make it impossible to enter or leave harbors.”

Forecasters believe the waves peaked Wednesday but are likely to continue through the week.

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