Prosecutors Say Illinois Teen Killed Kid Sister Because She Felt “Unappreciated”

The 11-year old died after being stabbed 40 times

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Lake County prosecutors said in juvenile court Thursday that a Illinois girl who allegedly stabbed her 11-year old sister to death Tuesday murdered the girl because she felt underappreciated.

Assistant State’s Attorney Claudia Kasten said that the 14-year old girl from the town of Mundelein, who faces charges as a juvenile for first-degree murder, told police that her younger sister Dora was not appreciative of all the chores she did to keep the house running, the Chicago Tribune reports. She told police that Dora had hit her, and took for granted that she had cooked dinner six times the previous week. The fight between the sisters erupted Tuesday morning, when the older girl allegedly took a kitchen knife and went into her sister’s room to stab her. Katsen said the girl told police she stabbed Dora for being ungrateful for all she had done.

After the murder, the teen allegedly showered and then called her mother to say that she had seen an intruder stabbing her sister. When police arrived, the 14-year-old’s hair was wet and there was blood on her arms. Police found Dora had been stabbed 40 times.

The girls were half sisters, and their mother was the only adult living in the house with them. A spokesman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services said that the mother was being investigated for neglect.

The girl’s attorney said he still has more than 29 pages of discovery to review with his client. The State’s Attorney is still deciding whether to charge her as an adult.

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