Empire State Building Sues Photographer Over Topless Shoot

Tourists got a lot more than they paid for, claims $1.1 million lawsuit.

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Mark Thomas / Getty Images

Empire State Building, New York City

The Empire State Building has given photographers 1.1 million reasons not to do illicit, topless photo shoots at the famous tourist attraction.

New York photographer Allen Henson is being sued by the landmark building’s management for $1.1 million for having a model take off her shirt and pose partially nude on the building’s observation deck, reports The New York Post.

The outdoor area was “crowded with visitors, including children,” claims the lawsuit, thus damaging the site’s “reputation as a safe and secure family friendly tourist attraction.”

The suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court also claims Henson did not attempt to get permission for his scandalous shoot, which the Iraq war veteran turned fashion photographer admitted. “Golly gee that sounds kind of accurate,” he told the Post.

But Henson, who has had other near misses with the law during his “Boobs Around Town” photo project, doesn’t appear that concerned. In his Facebook post announcing the suit, Henson wrote, “This should be interesting … Stay tuned. :D”

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