Polar Vortex Begins To Retreat From Whence It Came

Get thee back to Canada

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The bitter arctic air that descended upon much of the nation this week will make its way back North by the weekend, as it’s buffeted by a high pressure area rising from the Southwest to the Northeast.

Freezing weather swept south as far as the Gulf Coast this week, causing broken water pipes as far south as Alabama and 7-degree lows in Atlanta, CNN reports. But the chill wave will roll over as  balmy southeastern air rushes up from the gulf and sends the cold front packing.

Temperatures are set to rise 10 degrees per day across most of the continental United States, a gradual rise that will ensure there is no sudden flood-causing thaw. By Saturday, temperatures in most places will be around seasonal averages.

“It really is a snap, just a few days of that really, really cold air,” said a CNN meteorologist.