“Jihad Jane” Sentenced To 10 Years in Prison

Colleen LaRose given reduced sentence after co-operating with investigators

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Handout / Getty Images

SAN ANGELO, TX - JUNE 26, 1997: In this photo released by the Tom Green County Jail, Colleen R. LaRose. the self-described 'Jihad Jane' poses for a mugshot photo

A Philadelphia judge granted the terrorist known as “Jihad Jane” a reduced, 10-year prison sentence Monday, after she co-operated with investigators.

Colleen LaRose, 50, became known as “Jihad Jane” after she was charged with promising to kill a Swedish artist who had offended Muslims in a 2009 terrorist plot. She was originally facing a life sentence, but Judge Petrese Tucker accepted the government’s request to reduce her sentence to 10 years because of her extensive cooperation.

LaRose admitted plotting to murder artist Lars Vilks, who drew cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad as a dog.¬†She could be eligible for release in just over four years’ time, given the four years she has already spent behind bars. Prosecutors still consider her a threat and asked for decades in prison, the Associated Press reports.