‘Brain Dead’ Teen In ‘Bad Shape’ After Transfer

'We don’t think she’s dead'

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The 13-year-old girl declared brain dead after a routine surgery is in “bad shape” after she was transferred from a California hospital to an undisclosed location, her family’s lawyer said Monday.

After court battles that drew national attention and eerie echoes of the 1990s case of Terri Schiavo, Jahi McMath’s family arranged to have her transferred Sunday night from a hospital that wanted to remove her ventilator to an undisclosed location, the Associated Press reports. A judge had ordered Jahi be taken off the ventilator by Jan. 7 unless her family found new care for her. Multiple doctors have said she is brain dead without chance of recovery, but the family has so far refused to give up hope.

“We don’t think she’s dead,’’ said family attorney Christopher Dolan, according to the AP. ‘‘We got all the necessary legal paperwork in order to get Jahi out of there.’’

Jahi’s family hasn’t yet released information about her continued care.

‘‘We are very relieved she got safely to where she needed to be,’’ Dolan said. ‘‘She’s in very bad shape. You would be too, if you hadn’t had nutrition in 26 days and were a sick little girl to begin with.’’