Hawaiian Girl Who Suffered Brain Damage From Dental Procedure Dies

Parents allege she was given incorrect dosages of medication

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A 3-year-old girl whose dental procedure caused massive brain damage died Friday, according to her family’s lawyer.

Finley Boyle’s parents have filed a lawsuit against Lilly Geyer and her practice, Island Dentistry for Children, alleging that their daughter was given incorrect dosages of medication during a dental procedure on Dec. 3.

“As a direct and proximate result of the medications administered to (Finley) by defendants, (Finley) suffered cardiac arrest during her dental procedure,” the lawsuit states, resulting in “severe and permanent brain damage.”

Boyle’s parents also allege that Finley was sedated and left alone for 26 minutes, and that Geyer had no emergency plan for instances like their daughters. Finley was was undergoing four root canals, which she had been advised for in November.

Geyer did not immediately respond for comment but the practice’s website said it has been permanently closed.

Boyle was moved from a hospital to a hospice in December, after pediatric neurologist Dr. Gregory Yen said the toddler’s sever brain damage left her in a “persistent vegetative state.”