Accused Murderer Escapes South Carolina Mental Hospital

UPDATE: Jason Mark Carter was captured Friday morning near Nashville, Tenn.

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This post was updated with new information 12:44pm Friday Jan. 4

A man accused of murdering his mother and stepfather eight years ago escaped from a South Carolina mental health facility Thursday.

Police say Jason Mark Carter, 39, is on the run and may be travelling in a 1991 white Chevy van. Carter was deemed incompetent to stand trial for the 2006 murders and so was never convicted, WISTV reports. He was instead committed to a mental health facility.

Investigators discovered the bodies of Carter’s mother and stepfather wrapped in plastic in the basement of their home. According to court testimony, police believed Carter ate, drank, and slept in the same room as the bodies for three days.

UPDATE: The Department of Mental Health said the patient was captured Friday morning at a hotel off Interstate 40 west of Nashville, Tenn.