Driver and Passenger Survive 45-Ft Plunge into Oregon River

Occupants escaped from the vehicle as it filled with rushing water

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Eyewitnesses were shocked to see a car in Oregon plunge 45-feet off a cliff into a river, but they were even more shocked when the occupants emerged from the wreckage alive.

ABC News reports that the vehicle drove over a 30-foot cliff, and then rolled another 15 feet down an embankment to land upside-down in the rushing water of the Molalla River early Sunday morning.

The driver, Giovanni Demartino, 22, and passenger Danie Fournier, 23, escaped from the car as it filled with water, clambering on top of the overturned body.

Demartino is reportedly in critical condition on hospital, while Fournier is said to be stable. Police said alcohol may have been a factor in what transpired.

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