Family of Six Rescued After Two Days in Subzero Temperatures in Nevada Wilderness

Parents heated stones to keep children healthy during ordeal

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James Glover / Reuters

Members of a family that went missing are wheeled by stretcher from an ambulance into the Pershing General Hospital in Lovelock, Nevada, December 10, 2013.

After spending two days huddled inside an overturned Jeep in subzero temperatures, six Nevada residents are now safe after volunteer rescuers came across the family on Tuesday.

During a weekend outing to play in the snow, the family’s vehicle reportedly rolled onto its side before sliding down an embankment and landing in a crevice.

According to CNN, the parents relied on heating stones over an open fire in order to prevent the four young children from succumbing to frostbite as they weathered temperatures that dropped to 21 degrees below zero in a remote mountain range in the state’s northwest.

“They did a lot of things right by staying with the vehicle, and they did have food and water available with them,” Dr. Douglas Vacek from Pershing General Hospital told the Associated Press.

All of the family members are reportedly in stable condition and are being treated for minor “exposure issues.”