LA City Council Votes to Regulate E-Cigarettes

The Feds and city governments across the country are considering similar legislation.

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The Los Angeles city council voted Wednesday to regulate the sale of e-cigarettes, moving forward with regulations that are being considered by the federal government and cities across the country.

The Los Angeles bill, which was approved unanimously, puts electronic smoking devices in the same category as tobacco products, requiring sellers to obtain licenses and banning sales in places like street kiosks and self-service displays. Sales to minors are already banned under state law.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said it will regulate the electronic devices, but municipalities across the country, including 59 counties and cities in California, have already passed laws limiting their sale. Also on Wednesday, the city council in New York held a hearing considering banning use of the devices in public places where traditional cigarettes are already barred–legislation that the Los Angeles city council is also considering.

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