NYC Shooting Suspect Apologized For Paralyzed Victim, Prosecutors Say

Prosecutors reveal a hand-written confession by 16-year-old Cory Dunton

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A teenager accused of shooting two people at a New York City ice skating rink last month pleaded not guilty to attempted murder on Tuesday, but new evidence of a hand-written apology to a victim may hurt his defense.

Prosecutors say 16-year-old Cory Dunton opened fire at Bryant Park’s ice skating rink Nov. 9, injuring his intended target but also striking and paralyzing a 14-year-old. As Dunton pleaded not guilty, prosecutors revealed a written apology taken just after his arrest, detailing the Bronx teen’s remorse over paralyzing the young bystander.

“I never thought I see this day where my life is shattered and I have shattered a young boy’s life as well,” he wrote, according to the document released in court. “Some or most people might hate me for what I have done. I hate myself as well.”

Dunton’s lawyer, Sam Roberts, argued the confession and other evidence were not admissible since his client requested a lawyer when he first arrived at the police station, the New York Daily News reports. But prosecutors argued he’s clearly admitted guilt.

“I am sorry I apologize to Adonis [Mera] and his family for being reclise [reckless] and ending and dreams or hopes Adonis had in life,” the note said. “I did not aim for Adonis and I am not blaming anyone for what I have done and nothing I say or do can change the fact that what I did is done.”

Dunton, whose had six prior arrests, returned to jail without bail.

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