Terrible Thanksgiving Weather Causes Thousands of Flight Delays

But drivers have it worse than flyers

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A storm that arrived in the northeastern U.S. on Wednesday is causing less of a headache for travelers than first predicted, but delays and poor road conditions are still affecting millions of air passengers and drivers on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

The three major airports in the New York City area — John F. Kennedy International, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty — were reporting weather-related delays between 30 minutes and an hour on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Philadelphia International Airport is reporting delays of up to two hours, while Atlanta International had hundreds of delays and cancellations earlier in the day.

All told, approximately 4,200 domestic U.S. flights have been delayed on Wednesday and about 500 cancelled, according to FlightStats. That’s an inconvenience for the 3 million Americans expected to take to the skies on Wednesday, but it’s not the nightmare scenario it could’ve been.

In fact, some travelers had little trouble at all. Latasha Abney told CNN that she “thought the lines were going to be ridiculous” for her flight from Washington’s Reagan National Airport to JFK, but she “walked right up, the TSA agent checked my info” and she “immediately started the security process.”

Still, others weren’t so lucky, taking to Twitter to complain about delays:

The storm is more troublesome, however, for the approximately 39 million people driving to their destinations on Wednesday. Drivers are having a rough go of things as rain, ice, sleet and wind make roads slippery and reduce visibility.

“The wind made it really hard for the trucks to stay in their lanes, but no accidents during our drive,” Yulianet and Matthew Deprofio told CNN of their seven-hour drive from Connecticut to Virginia.

One Twitter user reported slippery roads in Boston:

Similar conditions plagued drivers in North Carolina:

West Virginia too:

And Pennsylvania:

This tweet perhaps sums up Wednesday’s travel situation:

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