California Sriracha Hot Sauce Plant Ordered Partly Shut For Spicy Smell

Stock up on sriracha, there may be a shortage soon

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A California judge ordered a Sriracha hot sauce company to shut down part of its Los Angeles-area plant Tuesday after local residents complained about a spicy odor emanating from building.

Judge Robert H. O’Brien said¬†Sriracha sauce maker Huy Fong must halt any type of production that could be causing the smell near its Irwindale, Calif. factory, the Los Angeles Times reports. O’Brien said the company does not have to stop operations entirely, but must develop a plan to contain the smell.

Irwindale officials filed a lawsuit on Oct. 21 after weeks of residents complaining of asthma problems, heartburn and in some cases nosebleeds from what they said was caused by odor from the nearby plant.

The judge acknowledged that the case lacked “credible evidence,” to make a connection between the city’s health problems and the pungent smell,¬† but that it was “”extremely annoying, irritating and offensive to the senses warranting consideration as a public nuisance.”

A Huy Fong spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

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