Teen Cleared of Bullying Charges: ‘I Didn’t Really Do Anything Wrong’

Charges against her were dropped in a closely-watched Florida bullying case

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The Florida teen who was accused of bullying a 12-year-old classmate who later committed suicide said Friday that she’s learned some lessons from the experience after charges against her were dropped, but that she “didn’t really do anything wrong.”

“I mean yes, there’s some things I could have changed, but I didn’t really do anything wrong,” Katelyn Roman, 13, said on CNN.

“Words do hurt, and you should use them carefully and try not to hurt people’s feelings,” she added. “You can bully and maybe not even know that you’re doing it.” She said she wants to start an anti-bullying campaign.

Roman was one of two girls accused of driving Rebecca Sedwick to commit suicide in September. Charges against them were dropped Wednesday. Jose Baez, Roman’s attorney, said she was arrested before police had sufficient evidence against her, and he threatened to sue police for releasing the girls’ names and photos.

“This child here did nothing wrong, did no criminal acts.” He said