Man Arrested For Driving a Car With Hidden Compartment

New Ohio law

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A man was arrested in Ohio this week under a new law that prohibits hidden compartments in vehicles, though no drugs or contraband were found in the car.

The state’s new hidden compartment law is designed to target criminals who use hidden compartments in vehicles to hide drugs or weapons, WKYC reports. The state troopers who arrested Norman Gurley, a 30-year-old from Michigan, say they noticed several wires running out of the back of his car that led to a secret compartment.

Even though there was no contraband in the vehicle, troopers were able to make the arrest because merely operating a “trap car” is now a felony.

“We apparently caught them between runs, so to speak, so this takes away one tool they have in their illegal trade,” Lt. Michael Combs with State Highway Patrol told WKYC. “The law does help us and is on our side.”

Gurley was arraigned Thursday and released on bail.