Watch: Cop Tases Suspect For 42 Seconds

Internal investigation underway

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Police in Virginia are conducting an internal investigating after an officer appeared to use a Taser gun on a suspect for 42 seconds Saturday in an incident caught on camera.

A bystander in Fredericksburg posted the video to YouTube in which the sound of the Taser can be heard for 42 seconds, as the suspect yells out “Stop it! Stop!”

Police say the suspect was in a Buick that crashed into five parked vehicle, reports.  The driver ran from the scene, but a belligerent passenger was still there when police arrived, and he started to run as police questioned him, prompting an officer to use the stun gun.

Police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe declined to comment on whether the Taser was properly deployed.

“This video certainly appears to capture the events on the night in question,” she told “It’s [about] 2 minutes in time for an incident that was obviously much longer than that. So it captures a portion of that incident.”