Here Comes The First Snow

Snow in NYC and temperatures 20 degrees below average across the eastern United States

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Winter is coming early.

Forecasters are predicting a frigid week for the Northeast and the Midwest, as “dislodged” cold air from the arctic sweeps down across Canada, bringing potentially record-low temperatures, AccuWeather reports.

New York City and Philadelphia are in for snow on Tuesday and the first below-freezing temperatures of the year later in the day, with weather similar to the early days of winter. There were already scattered reports of snowfall in Connecticut on Tuesday morning.

Temperatures across the eastern third of the country could fall to low as 20 degrees below the average daily temperature this week, according to the Weather Channel.

As if that’s not bad enough, AccuWeather predicts strong winds in the Northeast that will make it all feel even colder.

The cold should recede by the weekend, meaning we’ll have some time to thaw before winter comes for real.