Rabbi Finds $98,000 in Desk He Bought off Craigslist … and Gives It Back

Now that's what we call a mitzvah

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Too often, the Craigslist stories you hear about involve hoarder roommates and other creepy encounters with strangers. But here’s one that could make you feel a little better about humanity.

Noah Muroff, a rabbi in New Haven, Conn., and his wife bought a used desk for $200. When they were having trouble getting it through his office door, they pulled out the drawers to help wedge it through. That’s when they found a plastic bag containing $98,000 in cash behind one of the desk’s drawers.

“Right away, my wife and I sort of looked at each other and said we can’t keep this money,” Muroff told WTNH News. So he called the seller and returned what turned out to be her misplaced inheritance.

Her reaction?

“Oh my gosh, because I … oh my God.”

Sounds about right.