60 Minutes Apologizes for Retracted Benghazi Story

Correspondent Lara Logan offers brief on-air apology at end of Sunday's broadcast

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CBS’ 60 Minutes apologized at the end of its Sunday broadcast for its flawed story on the 2012 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Correspondent Lara Logan, who reported the October 27 story, said that 60 Minutes was misled by their main source, British security contractor Dylan Davies. Davies, who has written a book under the pseudonym “Sergeant Morgan Jones,” told 60 Minutes that he fought his way into the compound while the September 11 attack raged and later saw the body of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was killed that night. Davies’ story unraveled after it was revealed that his account on 60 Minutes and in his book was different from what he told the FBI.

After staunchly defending the story for days, 60 Minutes retracted the report late last week, Logan went on CBS’s morning and evening news programs to issue an apology. Sunday’s on-air retraction was billed as a more comprehensive explanation, but after the 90-second explanation, several media critics took to Twitter to argue that the mea culpa left several important questions unanswered.