Hawaii House Approves Gay Marriage Bill

The state will become the 16th to recognize same-sex marriage

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Hugh Gentry / Reuters

From left: Same sex marriage supporters Lance Namihara, Calvin Marquez and Aleeciya Parker rally at the Hawaii State Capital in Honolulu, Nov. 8, 2013.

After clearing the Senate hurdle last week, Hawaii’s House of Representatives approved a same-sex marriage bill late Saturday.

Lawmakers approved the bill to allow marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples in a 30-to-19 vote, Reuters reports. Earlier this week Illinois passed a similar measure, which means the two states will become the 15th and 16th states to recognize gay marriage, respectively.

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Hawaii’s Senate passed the bill on Wednesday, but a House amendment means that the bill will return to the Senate for a final vote. State legislative rules prevent the Senate from passing it until Tuesday, according to aides.

Governor Neil Abercrombie, who called lawmakers to a special session last month to address the issue, is expected to sign the bill into law.